Dumbwaiter by name, but not by nature

You probably haven’t heard of dumbwaiters, and no, we’re not referring to Manuel from Fawlty Towers., although, as definition of dumbwaiters goes, he ticks all the boxes!

Dumbwaiters are more commonly known as service lifts and are popular amongst the hospitality industry. You’ve probably seen them in hotels and restaurants, or been unfortunate enough to […]

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The Commute

There’s nothing worse than having to commute to work in the morning, or in the evenings for that matter when all you want to do is go home. No one enjoys being stuck in traffic or having to leave earlier in the morning to either avoid the traffic and to get to work on […]

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Leaving those Christmas pounds on the stairs

Are you still trying to shift those Christmas pounds? If so, how’s it going? Now, we don’t want to interfere and stick our noses in, but we’ve come up with an idea that might help you out. Well we tell a lie, it wasn’t us and just as well really otherwise you might dislike […]

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Well that was awkward!

How are you in awkward situations? Do you find them uncomfortable and well, awkward? If so, you’ll probably be one of many who find lifts a little awkward, even when you’re on your own in one, never mind when a stranger pops in! Even a successful lift company like us, who lives, breathes and […]

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Platform Lifts at your service

UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd recently installed a three stop 410kg Platform Lift at a newly refurbished property on Roker Terrace in Sunderland for Slayco, the site’s main contractors. Roker Terrace is a popular area in Sunderland, so it’s natural that we were honoured to be asked to complete the new lift installation […]

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Last Orders!

Well not for the UK Lift & Escalator Company, but for one pub in Sunderland it’s a regular occurrence. Port of Call, a popular pub in Sunderland required our lift installation expertise and services for a new 50kg dumbwaiter.

Dumbwaiters are a popular choice for new lift installation in the hospitality industry, as it helps […]

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