Service with a Smile

Lifts don’t always have to carry people, a fact we know very well as a top lift company in Sunderland! As well as goods lifts, we also specialise in the installation of top quality BKG service lifts in any property that you need us to, in varying shapes and sizes to suit your individual […]

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The Passenger’s Pick

Passenger lifts represent the typical lift, in that they’re probably the first thing that springs to mind for most people when they hear the word elevator. They’re pretty much the best thing for the job too, though we don’t think we need to explain that one too much!

What you might not know, however, is […]

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Good to Go

Lifts can come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and designs, and the ways in which they can be used are equally as diverse and numerous. We here at UK Lift & Escalator understand that better than anyone, and so we make sure that we’re experts when it comes to just about every […]

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At the Ready

We love a good lift installation as much as the next lift company! Unfortunately, however, even the best quality lifts don’t go entirely according to plan and you’re facing a lift breakdown before you know it. When that happens, aside from it being a huge pain in your neck, a tremendous inconvenience for your […]

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An Expert Service Every Time

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a lift company that really knows what they’re doing, then we here at UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd are definitely the people you need! We’re not just experts when it comes to lift installation, either, as we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure that […]

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Platform lifts that you can rely on

Why should you take up our platform lifts services?

Every lift company has their own reasons for enticing their customers to take up their lift services, especially when it comes to platform lifts. UK Lift & Escalator Company are no different, apart from that the services we offer to you are legit and trustworthy. We’re […]

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What we can do for you

Have you looked at our range of lift maintenance and installation products that we are available to you? If not, you can find a list of them on our “New Equipment” page including step lifts, passenger lifts, good lifts and more. If you really wanted to spoil yourself, you can even get your hands […]

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