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Exciting news! We’re incredibly delighted to announce that we have just been chosen as a lift maintenance partner for York-based company Colenso Property Services LLP, a fantastic organisation specialising in high quality property management which is professional, strategic, and a perfect match for the top quality lift services we’re ready to provide for them.


We […]

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Project; Washington, Tyne and Wear

February 2015.

Project; Washington, Tyne and Wear

Client; Urban and Rural Estates, Manchester 2 Passenger Lifts


Site Conditions

The site is a 5 story mixed use office accommodation in the heart of Washington, Tyne and Wear. The lifts are heavily used due to occupancy levels on the upper floors. Both lifts were installed in the 1980’s they […]

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New Passenger Lift at Barker & Stonehouse Teesside Park

We have recently installed a 3 stop 8 person MRL Traction Passenger Lift for Barker & Stonehouse at their new store on Teesside Park in Middlesbrough. The main contractor on the project was McLuckie Projects who managed to deliver and complete this exciting project on time for the clients opening in March. We had […]

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Project: Shopping Centre, Sunderland.

January 2015.

Project: Shopping Centre, Sunderland.

Client; Sunderland City Council.


Site Conditions

The site is a heavily used public area and due to the age and condition of the hydraulic lifts, they had experienced many breakdowns/reliability issues. These problems were costing the client a lot in both financial and good will terms with the end users.

Work Undertaken

Complete modernisation […]

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Able to Provide – Lift Company Sunderland

Platform lifts and step lifts have been proven to be a more realistic and affordable option than most people might have first thought, especially given how effectively they function and how much cutting-edge technology they incorporate. Additionally, they’re the perfect thing to introduce to your home when you require a mobility aid or disabled […]

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Make It Modern Again – Lift Company Sunderland

If you’re a big fan of the lift installations you already have put in place in your commercial or industrial building, and although they’re getting pretty old you’re still fond of how they look or how well they’ve run in the past, then we’ve got good news for you! A lift modernisation service is […]

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