Another happy customer!

Due to a non-recoverable fault on this clients lift we were asked to provide a quick turnaround package that would bring the lift back into operation. We added in the outstanding safety items that had been raised following the survey, and after 6 days on site the unit was ready to be returned to […]

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Modernisation Project Update

Less than two weeks from handover of the first completed modernisation, we are pleased to be putting the finishing touches to the second ALGI hydraulic aggregate and Schneider Lift Controller package for our client in a major hotel and golf resort. The high end fixtures and control equipment have made a lasting impression with […]

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Modernisation Updates…

Today we handed over the first of a group of modernisation projects planned for a major hotel resort in the midlands. The project consisted of a new Algi Hydraulic valve and tank arrangement, with new Schneider controller package and high end fixtures. The LED strips down the side of the car operating panel give […]

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Project Completions!

Last week was another busy week for the team at UK Lift and Escalator. Whilst covering all of our national service contracts and commitments, we also completed a number of installation and mod projects. Obviously these level of projects run over a period of weeks, but with them all coming to a close together […]

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Alcumus Safe Contractor Renewal

We’re very pleased to announce our continued Alcumus Safe Contractor accreditation for achieving excellence in health and safety in the workplace.

The scheme is used by many organisations as a way of identifying a suitable and competent contractor, as it recognises high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors. Organisations cannot take the risk […]

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Modernisation starts!

Today we start a lift modernisation project for one of our clients in Birmingham at their amazing hotel and resort. We only started working with this client this year, but in a short time they’ve already been extremely happy with our service and we’re excited to start this project at their site.

Keep an eye […]

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New Installation Win

UK Lift and Escalator were recently contacted by a self storage company who are looking to add a new lift to their building, as they’re expanding their building to offer more units and grow their business. As part of their growth they require lift access to the upper levels of their site and after […]

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Modernisation Project Completed!

Recently one of our customers contacted us because their lift was isolated due to a controller failure. The lift needed to be modernised and this was an urgent requirement as one of their staff require the lift as they’re unable to use the stairs. The refurbishment proposal had been discussed in the past, so […]

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Another Modernisation Project Complete!

It hasn’t just been the world’s best footballers that have been working hard in the heat and humidity over the past few weeks, our engineers have been working tirelessly to complete a modernisation on our clients site. The lift had a scenic shaft so there was plenty to see when they were working! Although […]

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Warrington Project Completion

Another week ended with a further successful project completion and handover. Working in partnership with Warrington Borough Council we were asked to provide a solution for a platform lift in one of their existing buildings to allow further use of the upper floor. Coordinating with the project team, Gartec and the customers building […]

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