Lift Car Interior – What a refreshing change!!

What started as a dull and confined feeling interior, ended up much brighter and fresher giving the user a feeling of comfort and spaciousness. The lift car feels bigger thanks to the brighter light, and the mirror to the rear wall. The modern design, with the added benefit of Eco efficient down lighters and […]

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Another joint project between Exclusive Care and UK Lift and Escalator.

Due to the expansion of Exclusive Care Group’s portfolio of properties, UK Lift and Escalator have had the pleasure of supporting them with a pre-survey to make sure the lift in the renovated building meets the standards required.

The residential home isn’t due to open for a few weeks yet, but the interior works are […]

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Nottingham Modernisation Project Win

UK Lift and Escalator are pleased to have won the opportunity to carry out a modernisation project with the Environment Agency in Nottingham.

The lift is located in one of their testing and analysis laboratories, and is critical to the operation of the building.

Time is of the essence on this project, so surveys were carried […]

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Lift Modernisation Activity Improves!

Now that the summer holiday period is drawing to a close, the activity for UK Lift & Escalators Modernisation team is back up to speed.

The number of live modernisation quotes for this time of the year has doubled in comparison to previous years, and the planning for delivery start dates is underway.

The key benefit […]

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Lift Improvement works completed – Exclusive Care Group.

UK Lift and Escalaltor helps to improve lift quality and safety with key customer

UK Lift and Escalator have spent the last few weeks surveying and prioritising a volume of improvement works for one of our new customers, Exclusive Care Group. We support by carrying out the maintenance and breakdown support across their growing portfolio […]

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UK Lift and Escalator – Recent Maintenance Wins!

UKLE are pleased to start a new service contract supporting Fusehill Medical Centre, maintaining their passenger lift and providing 24-7 cover for breakdowns and reactive repairs. This adds to the current service units over in the North West and Cumbria region as we grow in coverage and volume.


Following a new installation and subsequent warranty […]

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UK Lift and Escalator join the Lift and Escalator Industry Association!

It has always been the long term strategy of UKLE to grow in both quality and performance to a level that is recognised by the industry governing body. Following a number of successful years, and our recent award of the 3 quality standards of ISO9001,14001 and QS18001 we are extremely happy to announce that […]

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UKLE Take delivery of a new showcase!!

UK Lift and Escalator Company Ltd have taken delivery of their updated demo and display case this week!

This handy little box of tricks shows the capability of the Schneider equipment, simulating calls and signals, but with the added aesthetic benefit of showing how the indicator and fixtures will look.

UKLE have been fitting this equipment […]

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New Lift Installation Win – Churchill College, Wallsend.

UKLE are happy to announce another contract win in the north east!

One of the local colleges needed a refresh on some of their lift stock, and UKLE were asked to review options for them.

The first lift to be replaced will be their platform lift giving access to the lower level in the building.

The project […]

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Modernisation Project Complete – Fleming Business Park, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne.

UKLE are pleased to report on yet another successful modernisation project that has brought an old ‘out of service’ lift, back to life!

This building hadn’t had the use of the lift for a number of years, it had been left isolated and gathering dust until our client called and asked for a fast turnaround, budget efficient modernisation solution.

We immediately jumped into […]

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