Passenger Lifts

At UK Lift & Escalator Company we offer the complete range of passenger lifts throughout the UK. All of our passenger lifts comply with current EN81 regulations and meet our companies strict policy on open protocol designs. We can offer a standard range of passenger lifts to our customers but specialise in bespoke lifts and lifts installed into existing buildings and existing shafts.  We are able to offer all sizes and loads to suit our clients requirements or the dimensions available on site. We offer a high quality bespoke passenger lift solution which includes using Schneider Controllers, Algi Hydraulics (VVVF) and Meille Doors. By offering quality components, we can ensure that our clients have a lift that will last a long time, use less energy and have less breakdowns / repairs than a standard passenger lift. Our flexible approach to design and our open protocol policy makes us very unique in the industry and has helped us win many key projects throughout the UK. We fully project manage all lift projects and go that extra mile to ensure all lift projects start and complete on time.

passenger liftsWe offer many types of Passenger Lift including:-

  • Panoramic Passenger Lifts
  • NBS X10 Lift Specifications

  • Glass Passenger Lifts
  • Passenger Lifts into Existing Buildings / Shafts (unique / bespoke sizes)
  • Traction MRL Passenger Lifts
  • Traction MR Passenger Lifts
  • Bespoke Passenger Lifts
  • Home Lifts (low pit/headroom options) 

Our product range comes in all different sizes from 4 person up to 33 person and we also offer fully bespoke sizes and loads. Our traction MRL range fully complies with BREEAM requirements and all of our Lifts comply with EN81 regulations and our unique open protocol policy.

We offer a unique consultancy service for our customers to ensure they get the very best level of service from an idea to completion. If you are considering a new lift installation, why not contact us and see how we can help?


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