Able to Provide – Lift Company Sunderland

Platform lifts and step lifts have been proven to be a more realistic and affordable option than most people might have first thought, especially given how effectively they function and how much cutting-edge technology they incorporate. Additionally, they’re the perfect thing to introduce to your home when you require a mobility aid or disabled […]

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Make It Modern Again – Lift Company Sunderland

If you’re a big fan of the lift installations you already have put in place in your commercial or industrial building, and although they’re getting pretty old you’re still fond of how they look or how well they’ve run in the past, then we’ve got good news for you! A lift modernisation service is […]

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Heavy-Duty Lifting | Lift Company Sunderland

You might have thought goods lifts were the last kind of lift that would display a tremendous amount of variety, especially given the fact that they’re intended to ferry cargo as efficiently as possible without particular focus on comfort, but you’d be dead wrong! There’s nothing like a goods lift to provide a unique […]

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In Need of New Lifts? | Lift Company Sunderland


Looking for a huge variety of new lifts to suit your property? You’ve definitely come to the right place, even if you’re not exactly sure what kind of new lifts you need yet! No matter what kind of new lifts you’re looking for, UK Lift & Escalator Ltd is sure to have the ideal […]

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