Washington Services Goods Lift installation

This week brings the successful completion of a lift removal and replacement project at Washington Moto Services. This was a combined project with our sister company UK Facilities Management. Following the removal of the unreliable hydraulic unit the facilities side carried out the builders work and preparation ready for the new installation of a […]

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Durham Goods lift Modernisation

UK Lift and Escalator understand the priority of not having the goods lift service for a trading wholesaler.
Due to reliability issues, our client called to plan for a refurbishment project that needed to be delivered in a very short timescale,
therefore limiting the time without deliveries to the store.
With meticulous planning and […]

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Upgrade Project in the heart of Durham City

Today marked the start of a quick turnaround modernisation project on a lift that serves a busy retail outlet in the centre of Durham.
The original lift has given years of service, but needed a controller package upgrade to keep it functioning and serving its customers!
UK Lift and Escalator engineers have agreed to […]

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Work Begins in Washington

This past week has been a busy one for the project teams of UK Lift and Escalator, with a multiple unit modernisation well underway in Newcastle, the team were able to coordinate the launch of another two projects across the surrounding area with a goods lift removal in Washington, followed by the installation of […]

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UK Lift and Escalator Company gets involved in the development for future engineers.

Following UK Lift and Escalator Company‚Äôs welcome into the Lift and Escalator Industry Association as full members, we are proud to have been invited to join one of the separate internal committees to represent UK Lift and Escalator Company and our colleagues from the industry sector as part of the Education and Training Committee. […]

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Another National Contract Win!

UK Lift and Escalator Company Ltd are extremely happy to announce the start of our new service agreement between ourselves and Spire Healthcare!

Following multiple meetings with our sales team and subsequent proposals sent, UK Lift and Escalator were eventually awarded the prestigious contract for maintenance and repair business.

We were in dialog with Spire […]

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New Orders for multiple Modernisation

Every new year there are resolutions to make changes to our daily life, this year UK Lift and Escalator have been given one from a customer in Newcastle who has a large building complex in the centre of town.

Within the building are 3 lifts that serve all of the floors, but in particular the […]

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Northlands Morpeth is back in service!

Earlier this week we were pleased to hand over yet another on target, top quality modernisation project for our customer.
Around 2 weeks ago we posted the update on our project at Northlands residential Home whereby the pre-works and health and safety items were all completed in advance of taking the lift fully out […]

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UK Lift and Escalator – Modernsation Project Completed.

UK Lift and Escalator are happy to announce another on time delivery of a modernisation project with Exclusive Care Group in Sunderland.

This 2 floor hydraulic modernisation package and minor car refresh took place over a two week window, giving the lift a new lease of life ready for the residential home opening in a […]

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UK Lift and Escalator – Lift Removal and Installation Complete!

UK Lift and Escalator have just completed a lift removal and installation project with Churchill Community College.

The job had to be planned in to minimise disruption during the half term break.

The work started on the Friday, with the full removal of the existing platform lift, followed by wall and ceiling removal which was carried […]

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