Another lift refurbishment completed, and another happy customer!

Another lift completed on schedule for our customer! The lift needed a new controller package fitted as part of an ongoing building refurbishment plan, but with many of the residents being heavily reliant on the use of the lift, time was of the essence. Our engineers worked around the time restraint by carrying out the pre-works ahead of the main delivery, making sure the lift was returned to service at the end of each day. The final stage was then turned around quickly causing a minimum amount of lift outage, getting the building operational again was the key requirement.

We were happy to hand the lift back to service a day earlier than promised, resulting in a happy customer and happy residents all round! The lift now has a new Schneider Controller package including car and landing fixtures which give the car a new lease of life!

If your considering any upgrade works on your lifts then please get in touch with our team to see how we can help!

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