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Platform lifts and step lifts have been proven to be a more realistic and affordable option than most people might have first thought, especially given how effectively they function and how much cutting-edge technology they incorporate. Additionally, they’re the perfect thing to introduce to your home when you require a mobility aid or disabled access solution that’s tailor made for what you need. You simply wouldn’t want to be forced to leave your home because you could no longer get around it, of course, and that’s why we here at UK Lift & Escalator Ltd are proud to offer a helping hand.


Our platform lifts and step lifts are the ideal way to provide disabled access requirements no matter what the individual layout of your home might be, with a tremendous range of innovative designs offered in all manner of shapes and sizes. They’re considerably cheaper than moving into a care home, too, thanks to recent changes in the Care Act, and they allow the preservation of independence and familiarity by making the home an altogether more accessible environment for those in need.


We can promise you that we’ll get your platform lifts and step lifts up and running in no time, too, with as little obstruction as possible. This is mainly due to the fact that our lifts are incredibly well designed and specifically created to be easily installed provided you have an expert team of consummate professionals on your side. That’s exactly the kind of lift company Sunderland we are, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you need!


UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd is a privately owned and independent lift company Sunderland, specialising in providing a huge range of lift services such as maintenance, repair and more. If you’ve been looking for new equipment and new lifts to go in your commercial or industrial buildings, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Make sure you get in contact as soon as you can, and we’ll soon sort you out with what you need.

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