All-Access Solutions – Platform Lifts

Whether you’re a commercial or industrial property owner, ensuring that your buildings are accessible to all is a very important consideration, though it’s not always obvious how best to go about doing that. When it comes to disabled access requirements, however, we here at UK Lift & Escalator Ltd are passionate about making sure everyone has the freedom of movement they deserve, so we’re proud to offer a range of incredible UKLE vertical platform lifts to meet whatever needs you might have.


That doesn’t exactly tell you why you should opt in for one of our vertical platform lifts, of course, but you need only read on if you’d like to know just how advantageous platform lifts can be.


For one, they’re compact! Platform lifts are the ideal solution for disabled access where there is limited space, working effectively within a much smaller space than alternatives such as ramps would do. Our UKLE platform lifts can raise themselves up between two and four floors, or up to thirteen metres, meaning you’ll be getting some serious height without having to lose out on space.


In addition, it’s more often than not the case that platform lifts provide a much cheaper alternative to other access solutions such as ramps, without having to risk other associated hazards such as a slippery incline in bad weather. Our vertical platform lifts are one-hundred percent weatherproof, being able to be installed either inside or outside thanks to their well-protected electronics. Couple that with a smooth ride, a large variety of sizes and an expert team capable of performing a speedy installation, and it should be obvious why our platform lifts are the first choice for so many people!

UK Lift & Escalator Ltd is a lift company Sunderland knows very well! If you’ve been looking for a highly effective and reliable way to approach disabled access requirements, our platform lifts are certainly the way to go. We have a team of skilled professionals just waiting to lend a helping hand, so why not get in contact as soon as you can?

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