Another Lift Maintenance Win for UKLE!

UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd are pleased to announce that we have secured the lift maintenance contract for a prestigious Hotel & Spa based in the North East near Sunderland. This contract covers all of the lifts on the premises and covers both passenger lifts and dumb waiters (service lifts).

After discussions with the maintenance manager, it transpired that the company they were using were not providing the service levels they required, often leaving this busy site without vertical transportation at critical times. We discussed what they required from a contractor, and found that our service was an extremely good fit with their requirements.

They chose UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd as we offer traditional lift maintenance (as opposed to modular), which allows the engineers to spend extra time on site to maintain the units, resulting in fewer breakdowns and call outs, reduced costs and happier guests!

There are a couple of units on this site that have been historically problematic, and following our first maintenance visit, we will be making our recommendations to the client to remove the issues, likely in the form of a lift modernisation. We provide all of our lift maintenance clients with our unique ‘traffic light’ reports, which highlight the recommended works under three different categories. Red indicates that these works need carrying out immediately as there is a health and safety risk, orange indicates items that will likely need attention in the future, and green often indicates things such as cosmetic issues within the lift car etc. We believe in being fully transparent with our customers, and these reports enforce these values as customers can see exactly what is required to ensure their lifts are safe for the passengers, and not have to sift through lots of lift jargon to discover the immediately required works.

In addition to the above, we only employ high skilled and NVQ qualified lift engineers that have fully clear DBS checks to provide our lift maintenance services. We believe that this allows us to offer a top class service to all of our customers, both big and small. We also use open protocol parts and equipment that are of OEM quality for the majority of our lift repairs (where available), allowing our customers to benefit from lower prices. These parts are often sourced from our UK network of distributors too, allowing us to greatly reduce lead times for parts and repairs, and get lifts back in to service as soon as possible.

If your current contractor is not performing, why not contact us and see how we can help? We don’t just provide lift maintenance, but also lift repairs, lift modernisations and new lift installations too. Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!

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