Bespoke Lift Solutions

We differ at UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd to most of the Lift Industry as we offer complete Bespoke Lift Solutions to our customers, rather than a standard product range. Our bespoke range of passenger and goods lifts give our customers the freedom to choose what size, load or colour they want, amongst other things.

We offer:

Full Bespoke Range of Passenger Lifts (any size, load or colour)

Full Bespoke Range of Goods Lifts (any size, load or requirement)

Glass Passenger Lifts

Lifts into Existing Buildings (unique / bespoke sizes)

By us offering our customers the size and load that they want, this can help with passenger or goods movement, speeding up a busy production facility, office or retail environment. All of our Lifts comply with EN81 regulations and our unique open protocol policy.

We also offer a unique consultancy service for our customers to ensure they get the very best level of service from the initial concept to completion of the building. We understand that customers often want a standard passenger or goods lift but sometimes people need a bigger lift car, larger doors, larger load or an unusual design and that’s when UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd can help deliver what they need.

If you are looking for a new lift, maintenance contract, or even repairs or modernisation of an existing lift, why not contact us and see how we can help?

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