Body Zone lift projects completed on schedule!

UK Lift and Escalator Company are happy to report the timely completion of 3 Passenger/Goods lift modernisations in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne. This project needed co-ordination and pre-planning due to the age of the building and the wide range of the occupiers needs. However, challenge accepted! The team delivered all 3 lifts on schedule within the 6 weeks agreed time period (regardless of the bad weather we had) with new Schneider lift packages, associated equipment and safety works.

One of the units had been out of service for a long time, so rather than disrupt the occupants further we concentrated efforts on that unit first whilst completing the non-disruptive works such as guarding and lighting on the others. On handover, we then moved to divide and conquer and brought the final two units into service on the promised return to service date! The building will now benefit from the investment by the owner, and an engineered approach to getting the best out of these units for years to come.

Projects like these don’t come along too often, so its satisfying when a clear plan is formulated between all involved and the broader team pull together to make it happen, now onto the next one!

If you have a challenge you’d like a hand with, why not call the UK Lift and Escalator team!

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