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Have you looked at our range of lift maintenance and installation products that we are available to you? If not, you can find a list of them on our “New Equipment” page including step lifts, passenger lifts, good lifts and more. If you really wanted to spoil yourself, you can even get your hands on bespoke lifts and we’ll customise them to suit your requirements. So whether you want an Aquarian style lift, or a multi-coloured one, UKLE are the guys to do it.

We’re experts in the field of lift maintenance and installation, and therefore, can customise any lift to suit you whether its step lifts or service lifts. No job is too big or too small, or too complicated for UK Lift and Escalator Company.

UK Lifts work in a range of industries up and down the country (hence the name “UK Lifts”!), and just because we’re based in Sunderland, it doesn’t mean that our services are limited to this area or solely to the North East. Professional and trust worthy lift companies are hard to come by, which is why we’re proud to offer you a leading service wherever you are in the country. We’ll arrange a suitable day and time to come to you; our expert team will evaluate the site and put together a professional plan of would need doing that is tailored to you of course.

So contact UKLE today to chat with one of our friendly and professional team members about any of our services or products including lift maintenance, bespoke lifts or step lifts.


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