The Commute

There’s nothing worse than having to commute to work in the morning, or in the evenings for that matter when all you want to do is go home. No one enjoys being stuck in traffic or having to leave earlier in the morning to either avoid the traffic and to get to work on time. Traffic jams can’t be prevented but your boss won’t see it that way and you’ll just get the “should leave earlier” response. It’s a lose-lose situation. Fortunately, our engineers love a good commute because they enjoy their job and the service that they provide, whether it’s lift maintenance, lift repair, or even installing a new escalator.

We recently read an article about the world’s longest commute on an elevator and although it sounds a little daunting, at least you’re guaranteed speed and no traffic jams! Mumbai’s World One Tower is currently the world’s largest elevator at 1,450 feet high. Here’s the exciting part; in just one year, Mumbai’s World One Tower will cover an estimated 200 miles – in elevator travel of course. And the 432 Park Avenue is 1,397 feet high, and can make two round trips a day, resulting in 356 elevator miles per year. Just as well elevators of today have the latest technology built into them to ensure efficiency and speed; otherwise it can be quite dull. We always ensure that every lift and escalator that we install have been built using state of the art technology, and any lift maintenance or lift modernisation work that we complete also uses the latest technology.

Now we know where the world’s tallest elevator is, but where is the world’s tallest escalator? We’ll do some research and let you know. In the meantime, why not avoid a further disruption to your journey with a broken down lift and contact the lift maintenance specialists today.

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