Dumbwaiter by name, but not by nature

You probably haven’t heard of dumbwaiters, and no, we’re not referring to Manuel from Fawlty Towers., although, as definition of dumbwaiters goes, he ticks all the boxes!

Dumbwaiters are more commonly known as service lifts and are popular amongst the hospitality industry. You’ve probably seen them in hotels and restaurants, or been unfortunate enough to sit next to one – not ideal when you’re hungry and waiting for your food to arrive. Anyway, service lifts are growing in popularity and are highly recommended if you have a restaurant located on a separate floor to the main kitchen.

It helps to resolve health and safety issues and allows your waiters/ waitresses to safely deliver meals to customers without having to walk up or down the stairs. This is the last thing you want to do when you’re carrying hot plates of food. It’s bad enough carrying them from one room to the other, let alone from one floor to another! Think how much happier your staff would be if they had service lifts available? Think how much happier your customers will be too, to have their meals delivered on time and with no spillages made along the way?

I know we’d be satisfied and our engineers will be more than happy to safely and professionally install service lifts in your hotel, restaurant or any other food related establishment. Speaking of food, is it dinner time yet?

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