Gym lift project gets off to an early start!

UK Lift & Escalator were asked to look at an unreliable lift for a new customer recently and whilst our engineers were able to get the unit running when others couldn’t, we were asked to return and offer options for further investment. The long term options were discussed and a clear understanding of the stakeholders needs were clearly identified.

Early this morning before the influx of customers our engineers arrived and positioned the equipment to allow a safe and expedited delivery programme. This modernisation of a Machine RoomLess lift will address the control accuracy and reliability, along with upgrading the door motor and safety items. Due to the flexibility and scope in the Schneider lift product we can carry out these works without any building modification or decoration. More importantly though, in less than 2 weeks the lift will be back into service and will not give another problem other than the queue of people waiting for a ride in the newly improved lift!

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