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Well not for the UK Lift & Escalator Company, but for one pub in Sunderland it’s a regular occurrence. Port of Call, a popular pub in Sunderland required our lift installation expertise and services for a new 50kg dumbwaiter.


Dumbwaiters are a popular choice for new lift installation in the hospitality industry, as it helps to provide quick and easy transportation of meals when the kitchen is located on a different floor to the main dining area. It’s not just pubs, restaurants, bars and hotels in the UK that require the assistance of a dumbwaiter; they’re popular all over the world. For example, the Hans en Grietje Café in Amsterdam is home to a dumbwaiter and what a cracking place it is to go to if you get the chance to visit the amazing Dutch city.

The installation and maintenance of dumbwaiters is just one of our many lift services; we cover a range of lift installation options and all of which tie in nicely with our lift maintenance service. UK Lift’s takes great pride in the work that we do and we have a team of fully qualified lift engineers on board who are highly experienced and professional in what they do.

For more information about our services including new lift installation for dumbwaiters, lift maintenance and lift repair, lift modernisation and more, contact us today.

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