Leaving those Christmas pounds on the stairs

Are you still trying to shift those Christmas pounds? If so, how’s it going? Now, we don’t want to interfere and stick our noses in, but we’ve come up with an idea that might help you out. Well we tell a lie, it wasn’t us and just as well really otherwise you might dislike us, and we wouldn’t want that. We’d like to be remembered as a professional lift company and not the lift company who banned the use of lifts!

The Turkish government has banned the use of lifts between the first and third floor of public buildings, forcing the public to take the stairs in a combat for them to lose weight. If people wish to travel beyond three floors, then the lift will be accessible from the fourth floor and upwards. As a leading lift company, we think it’s ridiculous. There are some exceptions to the new lift rules, including hospitals, nursing homes and those who are medically unable to walk the stairs. Although there is some sigh of relief there, it still alienates pregnant women, the elderly, those pushing prams or carrying a heavy load. And what happens when a lift company gets called out for lift maintenance, what then? Would the engineers have to carry work out on the fourth floor? The team over at UKLE aren’t in favour of this idea and we believe people should have the option of taking the stairs or the lift.

What do you think? It’s known that we live in a lazy nation, but there isn’t just one flight of stairs between floors, there’s at least two, so all in all, you’ll be walking up at least six flight of stairs. Here at UKLE, we’re always open to options, so if you think you’ll be doing something similar then please ensure you contact a professional and experienced lift company first.

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