Lift Interior Upgrade

Here at UK Lift & Escalator Company we believe that a nice new bright lift interior helps our clients feel happy and secure in their lift. We specialise in full or partial lift interior upgrades for all makes and sizes of passenger lifts and goods lifts. Whether you want a new ceiling with new eco-efficient LED lighting, a new floor, new walls or a complete lift interior for visual effects or to comply to the latest regulations, we have the solution for you. We have an on site team that can offer free site surveys in the North and Midlands and can normally offer a complete bespoke interior solution within 2 to 3 weeks with only a few days on site to complete the work. We do not have a standard range and our packages are completely bespoke, so you can tell us exactly what you want, no matter how unusual, difficult or unique. We can offer lift interior and door upgrade packages to all types of passenger lifts and goods lifts, here are some ideas of what can be done:-

Full Lift Car Interior Upgrade (new floor, new ceiling, new lighting, new walls, new skirting, new mirror, new controls and any other items to give you a complete new lift car)

Lift Car Upgrades for Lift or Disabled Regulations (all items available)

New Lift Car Lighting / Ceiling (any design with special lighting including multi-colour LED)

New Lift Car Flooring (any design)

New Lift Car Walls (glass, laminate, perspex, steels, gold, special metals, any covering, special designs)

New Lift Car Skirting / Mirrors / Dado (any design, size or colour)

New Lift Control Systems (new lift pushes and car operating panels – all open protocol designs)

Lift Car & Landing Door Upgrades (new finishes, new lift doors, new door operators, make old doors look new)

So if we can help make your lift car or lift doors look like new, please contact us today for a free site survey on 0191 549 4179 or

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