Lift Maintenance Offerings

In the current marketplace, there are predominantly two types of lift maintenance offerings; Modular and Traditional. They both have their merits, but which one is best for you and the longevity and reliability of your lift? Modular maintenance is a fairly new concept, whereas Traditional maintenance is a ‘tried and tested’ approach to lift maintenance.

Modular maintenance involves the different parts within the lift being grouped in to modules, allowing the engineer to prioritise the most important items, whilst just visually checking everything else.

Traditional lift maintenance involves the engineer delivering a full service on each visit, allowing the engineer to spend sufficient time on the lift equipment.

Here at the UK Lift & Escalator Company, we offer a traditional lift maintenance service to all of our clients. This allows for the equipment to be maintained to the highest standard whilst helping to reduce breakdowns, call outs and repairs.

In addition to this, as the engineer is spending longer on site, they can spot potential issues before they become a problem and result in a breakdown (saving costs). We like to offer our clients an in depth report of their lift after service visits, so they can consider immediate recommendations as well as future works to consider. We help to ensure that they have a safe and reliable lift that complies to lift regulations. We also like to keep an eye on cost per lift which is trying to keep the annual spend of a lift down to a minimum. All parts and components that we do need to fit meets our ‘Open Protocol Policy’ which means that all companies can service and repair a lift or part.

We offer free site surveys to our customers and can help ensure you have the right maintenance package and correct amount of visits taking into account usage and age of equipment.

So please contact us of we can help with lift maintenance, lift repairs, lift modernisation or a new lift on 0191 549 4179 or


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