Lift Modernisation in Cumbria

We have recently completed a lift modernisation project in Cumbria. We were contacted by a development company in Cumbria who were looking to re-instate an old 1500kg goods lift that was originally installed in 1978 but had been out of service for approximately 15 years.

Our technical surveyor attended site to look at the condition of the equipment and it was obvious from the survey that we would have to change the hoist motor and gearbox as well as carrying out a complete control system modernisation.

We liaised with our UK based suppliers who were able to supply us with a complete new hoist motor / gearbox and ancillary equipment including hoist ropes along with an open protocol control system which included a new controller, new shaft equipment, new landing pushes, new car station and all associated components and wiring.

The works we proposed offer the client excellent reliability coupled with the flexibility of being able to use any lift maintenance provider in the future rather than being tied to a company that only provides closed protocol equipment.

We provided the client with a competitive tender and from receipt of order we were on site within 4 weeks with the work taking only 2 weeks to complete, including the testing and commissioning of the new lift equipment.

A lift modernisation is an excellent solution in existing buildings as the work is completed quickly with very disruption. We can modernise all types of lifts including goods lifts, passenger lifts, scenic lifts and also bespoke lifts. We always recommend to clients to keep an eye on problem lifts as often lift repair costs can be expensive, when a lift replacement or lift modernisation would save them money in the long term. If we can help with any lift maintenance, lift repairs, lift modernisations or new lifts please contact us.

Atlas Works - Before Upgrade.     Atlas - New Machine


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