Lift Modernisation in Leeds

We have recently completed a lift controller upgrade on a passenger lift at a busy high street store in Leeds. The lift in question is an 8 person 2 stop passenger lift that was installed in 1993 but was starting to become unreliable due to the age of the control system. After a site survey by our lift technician we spoke with the customer and agreed to change the lift control system, door operators and safety edges. All the parts and components that we fit are open protocol UK sourced parts, which gives the client flexibility in the future on lift maintenance and lift repairs. From receipt of an order we had the lift fully operational within four weeks with the work on site taking less than one week. The passenger lift is now in service and will give the client a reliable lift for around 15 years. A lift modernisation is a good solution in existing buildings as it saves time, builders-work, money and upheaval on site. A lift control upgrade is an excellent solution for good quality lifts like the one on this site as it cuts down on call-outs, issues and costs without costing a huge amount of money to do the work. We always recommend to clients to keep an eye on problem lifts as often lift repair costs can be expensive, when a lift replacement or lift modernisation would save money in the longer term. If we can help with any lift maintenance, lift repairs, lift modernisations or new lifts please contact us.

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