Modernisation Project Complete – Fleming Business Park, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne.

UKLE are pleased to report on yet another successful modernisation project that has brought an old ‘out of service’ lift, back to life!

This building hadn’t had the use of the lift for a number of years, it had been left isolated and gathering dust until our client called and asked for a fast turnaround, budget efficient modernisation solution.

We immediately jumped into action, carrying out a full engineering survey and made recommendations that suited both the safety improvements and the clients budget.

Within a few weeks, work was underway on refreshing the car interior giving it a new lease of life. The new ceiling with interior mood lighting along with a new floor and trims gives the lift a modern feel that will continue to look up to date for years to come.

The next stage was the controller refresh and fixtures modernisation, and the final test to make sure all equipment met the code requirements.

We tied this in with a full shaft clean and handed over to a very happy customer that commented on how well we had met expectation, whilst keeping to our original promise on budget.


We have added some before and after photos below to give an idea of what is possible.


This was the controller before the modernisation. Clearly there is not enough room left for the engineer to work safety when carrying out service or troubleshooting, once the door is opened it restricts movement and cuts out the light from the overhead lighting.

A traditional old design on the controller with lots of relays and wiring contacts that can fail over time.

The landing push stations are large and not aesthetically pleasing, definitely not in line with the layout of the building interior which is far more pleasing to the eye!


If you have any similar projects, or you would like to hear about options for future proofing your lift, why not give us a call on 0845 63 43 172 or email us on

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