New Orders for multiple Modernisation

Every new year there are resolutions to make changes to our daily life, this year UK Lift and Escalator have been given one from a customer in Newcastle who has a large building complex in the centre of town.

Within the building are 3 lifts that serve all of the floors, but in particular the Gym! With the normal influx of new members attending the building for the post Christmas workouts!

It is crucial that the lifts also get ready for the new year.

After a number of planning meetings and clarification on what is needed technically to extend the buildings operating life, we have an engineered solution for all 3 lifts.

Working in partnership with the clients electrical contractor and the owner himself, we will start the project in early January, and will be completed before the end of Feb.

More info will follow once the project gets underway!

If you have a similar project you would like some support with, why not call our office on 0845 63 43 172 or send us an email to


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