Going Back to School

If there was a degree for lift installation and lift maintenance, UK Lifts & Escalator’s would pass with flying colours with a First Class Honours Degree. Well, the University of Hull certainly think so anyway, as they selected us to install a Platform Lift and Step Lifts.

UK Lifts & Escalator’s successfully installed a two stop Platform Lift and two Step Lifts at their Lawns site in Cottingham. This refurbishment project was partnered with George Houltons in Hull. You can’t expect students to carry all those heavy library books up the stairs now can you?

Step Lift installation is increasingly on high demand, especially for big retailers. They are the ideal for disabled access, those with prams, they can easily and effectively transport deliveries and of course, they are perfect for people with hundreds of bags of shopping, and for sore feet! But don’t worry if you’re not after a Step Lift, as we provide a range of lift services all of which can be found on our website.

Although we’re Sunderland based, our services are available on a national level and if you’re looking for an early Christmas gift, then give the Santa Clause of lifts a bell today. We have a team of fully qualified and experienced lift enthusiasts who specialise in a range of services including lift installation, lift maintenance, lift modernisation and more. Get in touch with UK Lifts & Escalator’s today.


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