A long-awaited upgrade

Lift modernisation doesn’t just happen in the offline world, it happens in the online world too – to an extent. You may be wondering what we’re waffling on about now and questioning if lift modernisation is even possible online. We don’t have any special gadgets or out of the world technology, what we’re referring to is our new website that will be up and running before 2014 has drawn to a close.

Having a new website won’t affect you, in fact, you’ll probably benefit from it more. We’ll still be the same lift company, just with a new website that’s all. And it’s all down to an SEO company Manchester called Improving Sales Ltd who also provides website design. We’ll let you know once the new site has gone live and please do let us know what you think of it.

Now, we’ve mentioned lift modernisation quite a bit in this blog and although every lift at some point in their life will need a sprinkle of lift modernisation, it’s not our only service. We have a range of lift and escalator related services included lift maintenance, lift installation, lift repairs and lift consultancy. So take your pick and get in touch with us.

As reliability and trust goes, UK Lift & Escalator Company is on par with Father Christmas. So pick up the phone and get in touch with us today for more information about any of services including lift modernisation, lift maintenance and lift installation.

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