Open Protocol Lift Solutions

At UK Lift and Escalator Company we have a very strict policy on only offering our customers high quality Open Protocol products, parts and components. All of our platform lifts, passenger lifts, goods lifts and modernisation packages are fully Open Protocol. By this we mean the equipment installed, replaced or upgraded can be maintained by any other lift company in the future, therefore not restricting our customers in using us for maintenance or repairs after the warranty period.

When we take over new service contracts, we often get asked why new parts need to be replaced such as auto-diallers when a lift is just over 12 months old. This is because some companies only supply products that they can service and repair basically offering a closed protocol product or part.

We all agree that quality is very important but so is flexibility on future suppliers. So please contact us if you require a new platform lift, passenger lift, goods lift or lift modernisation.

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