Platform Lift Options for Disabled Access

At UK Lift & Escalator Company we are very passionate about Platform Lifts as they offer a versatile and easy solution for our customers. Platform Lifts are an excellent solution in new and existing buildings that require disabled access between two and four floors. They can be used internally or externally and are an ideal disabled access solution in commercial, public or residential buildings. Our range of Platform Lifts offers our clients many features and benefits including:-

  • Cost effective disabled access solutions
  • Less builders work (no shaft, pit or headroom required)
  • Low energy usage (only single phase 20 amp supply)
  • Fast delivery (6 weeks)
  • Fast installation (2 to 3 days)
  • Smaller footprint and less space used (from only 1300x1400mm)
  • Soft start / smooth ride as standard
  • Modern design
  • Silent operation
  • Full range of sizes available (standard and bespoke sizes)
  • Reliable and safe disabled access (emergency lowering, many safety features)
  • Less maintenance & repair costs

All of our Lifts are Open Protocol which gives our clients flexibility in the future and we are proud to use the high quality Aritco range of Platform Lifts. Our Platform Lifts range come in a variety of standard sizes which all fully comply with EN81-41:-

  • 900mm wide Platform with 1280mm and 1480mm deep options
  • 1000mm wide Platform with 1280mm, 1480mm and 1980mm deep options
  • 1100mm wide Platform with 1280mm, 1480mm and 1980mm deep options

So if you require a versatile and easy solution for your building please contact us on 0191 549 4179 or We also offer all types of new liftslift modernisationlift repairs and lift maintenance. 


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