Project – Modernisation/Refurbishment of Hydraulic Passenger Lift, Jesmond , Newcastle

Client – Bernicia Group Limited, Ashington.

Site Conditions

The site is a 4 storey private apartment block in the heart of Jesmond, which is a suburb of Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. The building had an old unreliable hydraulic lift which was installed around 1980. The lift is heavily used but due to its age and condition it was proving to be unreliable and was not effective to the building owners.

Work Undertaken

Our lift team recommended that a complete electrical upgrade and modernisation/refurbishment solution should be carried out which would include new lift controller, shaft wiring and positioning equipment as well as overhauling the existing hydraulic system.

Project Delivery

From receiving our client’s instruction to proceed with the upgrade works we managed to source and procure all of the equipment ahead of schedule (20 days from Germany).

From commencing on site to completion and handover the complete project took 10 days with the minimum of disruption to the residents of the building.

 Due to the “short lead times” and “quick installation process”, the project started and finished ahead of schedule and well within our clients allocated program and budget much to everyones satisfaction.

 The client was very impressed with the speed of delivery and installation of this project by UKLE.


The lift is now fully operational and it has experienced “zero breakdowns” or issues thus saving the client valuable resources upon completion.

Due to the equipment we have installed the lift can now be “remotely monitored” from our head office or from our clients own PC resulting unnecessary visits to site.

The lift has several “energy saving” features incorporated within the control package to save the end users monies longterm.

 The lift modernisation/refurbishment works have resulted in an unreliable lift being brought up to “modern safety standards” coupled and “excellent reliability

If you are considering modernisation/refurbishment of your existing lifts, a new lift maintenance contract, a lift repair, or even a new lift installation, why not contact us and see how we can help?

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