Project: Shopping Centre, Sunderland.

January 2015.

Project: Shopping Centre, Sunderland.

Client; Sunderland City Council.


Site Conditions

The site is a heavily used public area and due to the age and condition of the hydraulic lifts, they had experienced many breakdowns/reliability issues. These problems were costing the client a lot in both financial and good will terms with the end users.

Work Undertaken

Complete modernisation solution which included an upgrade of the lift controller, shaft wiring, positioning equipment along with heavy duty car door operator replacement, landing equipment and a full hydraulic overhaul for both 25 year old Thyssen Scenic Lifts.

“Both lifts can now be remotely monitored”.

Project Delivery

From receiving our client’s instruction to proceed we managed to source and procure all equipment ahead of schedule from Germany and the UK. To minimise inconvenience, our project team ensured that we had one lift operational at all times and we still managed to finish the complete project within 4 weeks which was again ahead of schedule and returned the lifts to service.

Due to short lead times and quick installation process, the project started and finished ahead of schedule and well with the councils allocated program and budget much to the satisfaction of all concerned within Sunderland City Council.


The lifts are now fully operational and have experienced “zero breakdowns” or issues thus saving the client the many problems previously experienced and valuable resources.




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