At the Ready

We love a good lift installation as much as the next lift company! Unfortunately, however, even the best quality lifts don’t go entirely according to plan and you’re facing a lift breakdown before you know it. When that happens, aside from it being a huge pain in your neck, a tremendous inconvenience for your business and a potentially disastrous situation should anyone be riding the lift at the time, it’s wise that you don’t waste a second picking up the phone and calling an expert in lift repairs down to put everything right.


If you’re not entirely sure who that might be, there’s definitely no need to panic! We here at UK Lift & Escalator have been in the business for a while, and we have an extensive wealth of both experience and knowledge to call upon in order to bring you the very best lift repairs possible. Our 24/7 lift repairs call-out service operates throughout the UK, and we take great pride in being able to provide fantastically quick response times for all of our customers that require lift repairs. Our first time fix policy, too, ensures that we won’t have to come back again to perform more lift repairs – hopefully, not for a while!


When you experience a lift breakdown, though we hope it never happens to you, make sure you give UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd a call as soon as you can and we’ll be down as soon as possible to provide efficient and speedy lift repairs.
We are a lift company in Sunderland who have no shortage of expertise when it comes to lift services and escalators. Our team of consummate professionals is always ready and waiting to carry out lift repairs in the event of a lift breakdown, so make sure you don’t hesitate to either pick up the phone or drop us an email via the details on our contact page. Of course, you can always feel free to enlist the help of our other lift services, too – we’d only be more than happy to hear from you!

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