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What kind of lift have you got installed in your building? Is it a passenger lift, perfect for carrying people up and down with a smooth and reliable service, or perhaps a goods lift intended to ferry heavy duty cargo where it’s needed most? No matter what kind of lift installation you own, routine lift maintenance by a trained team of professionals is the only way to ensure smooth running without any nasty unexpected surprises.


There’s no right answer as to how frequently your lifts should be maintained, though it’s recommended that you don’t wait too long in between stints of lift maintenance. Generally, it depends on how frequently your lifts are used, how many floors they traverse on a day to day basis, and how fast you have them running. If your lift sees a lot of wear, it’s likely that you might need lift maintenance on a fairly regular basis. Luckily, the team here at UK Lift & Elevators Ltd is more than capable of coming down to provide skilful lift maintenance frequently or even at short notice!


Even if you haven’t got yourself an elevator just yet, you can rest assured that we’re the company for the job where installation is concerned. We won’t just get you a brand new lift, after all, as we’ll be on hand with a comprehensive aftercare and lift maintenance service to make sure that the right people are at the ready when you need them. There’s nothing our lift maintenance engineers haven’t seen before, so give us a call even if you feel as if your situation is a little more specific than most!


If you’ve been looking for a lift company Sunderland who have a tremendous range of lift services perfect for keeping your lifts and brand new equipment running as designed, don’t hesitate to check out what we could do for you. Our expert team of lift engineers are always at the ready to provide professional lift maintenance at a fantastic rate that won’t let you down, so make sure you get in contact and tell us what you need!

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