The Complete Lift Company

UK Lift & Escalator Company are the complete lift company as we offer our clients the complete service for their lifts and escalators. We offer traditional lift maintenance, all lift repairs, lift modernisations, lift refurbishments and all types of new lifts throughout the UK. We service, repair and modernise all types of lifts and all models of lifts. We also supply all types of new lifts whether it is a step lift, platform lift, passenger lift, goods lift or bespoke lift, we have the solution for you.

But what makes us different from all the other companies?

Our company was set up four years ago by two time served lift engineers who progressed their respective careers with multi-national lift companies. Because our owners understand the engineering side of the lift industry, this helps us to find the right lift engineers and also offer our customers the right level of service.

  • We only offer traditional lift maintenance as this guarantees more time on site by our highly qualified lift engineers which in turn helps cut down on call-outs, breakdowns and costs for our clients.
  • We only fit open protocol parts to give our clients flexibility for their future lift maintenance.
  • We work with customers to ensure that we help reduce costs for each lift on site (repairs, servicing, call-outs).
  • We always ensure our clients are up to date with regulations and requirements for their lifts and offer a free lift consultancy service.
  • We can repair or upgrade all types of Lifts, whether it is a small repair, lift interior upgrade or full control system upgrade, we have the solution. All modernisation packages or parts are high quality open protocol systems.
  • We can normally fully modernise a lift within 4 weeks from receipt of order which is much faster than the industry standard.
  • We offer all types of access products including step lifts, platform lifts and bespoke disabled access lifts.
  • We do all types, sizes and loads of goods lifts including goods only lifts, goods with attendant lifts, service lifts, goods / passenger lifts, car lifts and bespoke lifts.
  • We do all types, sizes and loads of passenger lifts ranging from 2 person up to 75 person and any bespoke solutions our customers need.
  • We offer the complete project management service to our clients on all sites, to ensure we start and complete on time.

We have some excellent reference sites and reference customers who will back up what we say. We are passionate about lifts and dedicated to offering a high level of service. So please contact us if we can help with lift maintenance, a lift repair, a lift breakdown, lift modernisation or a new lift. or 0191 549 4179


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