UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd – Lift Maintenance

When reviewing your lift maintenance contracts, there is a lot more to consider than just the cost per visit. At UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd, we encourage all of our customers to work out an average cost per lift per annum – This typically includes all costs associated with the lift maintenance; cost per lift maintenance visit, number and cost of call outs, and the number of repairs that have been carried out over the course of the year. By collecting all of this information, you can get a true reflection on the actual cost per lift per year.

Due to the type of service UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd offer, we can dramatically reduce the cost per lift for our customers – As we carry out traditional lift maintenance (As opposed to modular, see our previous blog), we don’t task our engineers with carrying out excessive numbers of lift maintenance visits per day, allowing them to spend extra time on site to carry out the maintenance. We understand that to reduce costs for our clients, we need to carry out the maintenance of the equipment to the highest standard.

This, along with our highly qualified engineers and open protocol parts, allows you to save money on your lift maintenance. We also pride ourselves on our rapid service and high quality communications – This also saves you time, which in today’s fast paced society can be invaluable!

If your current lift contractors aren’t providing you with the service you deserve, why not give us a call? We don’t just offer lift maintenance, but also lift repairs, lift modernisations / refurbishments and new lift installations too. Our contact details are available here, and we’d love to hear from you!



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