UKLE – Lift Modernisation Success at High Street Store

UK Lift & Escalator Company believe that quality products and quality workmanship equals happy customers and repeat business. We carried out a lift controller modernisation on a goods lift at a high street chain around 18 months as the client was experiencing a lot of breakdowns and high repair costs from the incumbent service provider. The lift in question was a goods lift that was getting heavy usage and was critical in keeping the stock flowing within this busy store based in the North West. Eighteen months after we upgraded the lift controller and associated wiring and components, the lift is still getting heavy usage, but with no breakdowns and no issues. We used a Schneider control package on this project as we have on many other projects, all with the same end result, a reliable lift and a happy customer.

Lift modernisation is an excellent alternative to lift replacement in existing buildings as normally a lift can be fully modernised without having to do any builders work, as all the components are in the lift shaft and motor room. We offer high quality, open protocol, lift modernisation solutions that can be delivered within two weeks and installed within one week, giving our client a fully operational reliable lift within 3 weeks.

We can modernise all types of lifts and escalators and all the parts and components we use are open protocol. The key elements of our lift modernisation service are:

  • Quick Delivery (2 weeks)
  • Quick Installation (1 week)
  • 2 years Warranty
  • Remote Monitoring from your PC
  • High Quality German Lift Modernisation Packages (Open Protocol)

If you would like to learn more about our lift modernisation, lift maintenance, lift repair or new lift installations services, why not contact us? We’d be delighted to hear from you and discuss your options.

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