Veterans in Crisis

We’re very proud to now be supporting the amazing Sunderland based charity Veterans In Crisis. Their mission is to do everything they can to get veterans in crisis back on their feet, however long it takes.

Our company was formed in the North East and our head office is based in Gateshead, so we have a strong connection with the North East. However, we now have engineers throughout the UK and we wanted to use our national coverage to help raise more awareness for the charity and the work they do. Our engineers now have the Veterans in Crisis logo applied to their vans and as they travel throughout the UK we hope this will raise awareness and help make a difference to others who can benefit with support from the charity.

As well as aiming to raise more awareness for the charity we were recently able to help some more by donating some IT equipment. When we upgraded the IT equipment in our office we contacted the charity to see if they could make any use of the IT equipment that was being replaced. The charity were very grateful for the offer and used the equipment to provide some veterans with IT equipment in their homes.

Please check out their website to find out more about the work they do, you may even know someone who could do with their support: