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You might have thought goods lifts were the last kind of lift that would display a tremendous amount of variety, especially given the fact that they’re intended to ferry cargo as efficiently as possible without particular focus on comfort, but you’d be dead wrong! There’s nothing like a goods lift to provide a unique degree of flexibility where it really counts, especially when you consider how we’re able to shape and tailor a bespoke solution to match your individual requirements.


They’ve certainly got the performance to fulfil any role you need them to, carrying up to an astounding maximum load of 25,000 kilograms in one go if you need a truly heavy duty goods lift. Even lifts as small as 250 kilograms will reflect the same standard of quality and professionalism that we inject into every goods lift project we undertake, regardless of whether or not you operate a commercial or industrial property.


When coupled with our incredible dedication to customer service, it’s hard to argue with the benefits of our goods lifts. It should be pretty easy to see why they’re so popular, too, and why so many people turn to them as the first choice when they need something capable of seriously uncompromising heavy duty lifting. With just a single call you could become our next satisfied customer, so why not give us a ring and let us know what kind of goods lift you need installed?


If you’re in need of top quality goods lifts able to handle incredible loads without a problem, UK Lift & Escalator Ltd is the best lift company Sunderland has to offer in that regard! We’re more than able to provide you with top quality goods lifts, utilising our eye for innovative design to create a perfectly tailored lift solution for your property. Our installations will run perfectly for years and years to come, so feel free to get in contact as soon as you can!

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