Lift Modernisation South Yorkshire


We have recently completed a lift modernisation project at a college of a leading training provider in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

We worked closely with the client on site to find the best solution for their lift requirements, taking into account usage, costs and potential builders / electrical work in this existing building. During this project we also had to deal with additional issues relating to students in the vicinity of the project works.

The client originally thought that they may need to replace the passenger lift but after a site survey by our lift technician we agreed on a lift modernisation solution as it was more cost effective, did not require builders works, the lead time was shorter and the installation time quicker.

We agreed with the client to change the lift control system, drive unit, encoder, landing pushes, car operating panel, hydraulic works, shaft positioning system, car top control unit, door safe edges and auto-dialler.

We safely delivered the project to ensure all staff and students were kept free from harm whilst ensuring we come in on time and on budget.

From receipt of an order we had the lift fully operational within four weeks with the work on site taking around one week. The passenger lift is now in service and will give the client a more reliable and more efficient lift for around 15 years.

A lift modernisation is a good solution in existing buildings as it saves time, builders-work, electrical work, money and upheaval on site. A lift control upgrade is an excellent solution for good quality lifts like the one on this site as it cuts down on call-outs, issues and costs but also makes the lift more efficient, more accurate and often even faster.

We always recommend to clients to keep an eye on problem lifts as often lift repair costs can be expensive, when a lift replacement or lift modernisation would save them money in the longer term. All the parts and components that we fit are open protocol UK sourced parts, which gives the client flexibility in the future on lift maintenance and lift repairs.

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