Lift Replacement Options

UK Lift and Escalator Company Ltd are your ideal choice for either new lift installations or a lift modernisation / refurbishment. Should you have the need to replace an unreliable lift installation or modernise / refurbish your current lift system, the team at UK Lift and Escalator Company Ltd are on hand to support your needs. Our team will work tirelessly with you to consider all aspects of the lift project; this is to ensure you have the right solution to suit your needs, both now and with the long term in mind. With over 200 years experience within our team and unrivalled technical proficiency in our new lift installation department, you can be sure your lift project will be tailor-made to suit your requirements and will be delivered on time and within budget.
UK Lift and Escalator Company Ltd have worked on a wide range of lift installations as well as modernisation / refurbishment projects, across the UK, all different of levels of complexity and specification.
We have completed scenic lifts, industry leading technological systems for machine-room-less lifts, to simple lift control panel upgrades; over the years our innovative, reliable and flexible approach has won us a number of lift contracts that we still hold to this day. To understand some of our recent projects please look in the news section of our website.
At the UK Lift and Escalator Company Ltd we take a team approach, including liaising with all stakeholders, when deciding the right lift application for you and your needs regardless of the sector you operate. Whether you need a new installation or a modernisation / refurbishment we will help you decide on the right solution.
Through constant communication with you, our project team, will effectively co-ordinate your lift project and efficiently provide the best lift solutions for you.
If you have a lift that is no longer reliable, why not give us call to discuss your options and how we can help?
Whether it’s a lift modernisation / refurbishment project, new equipment installation, lift maintenance agreement or new lift installation, why not give us call? With over 200 years collective experience, we’re sure to be able to help.

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