New hydraulic tanks and controller package finished

We’re happy to hand over yet another successful modernisation package for a client in the education sector. This package was engineered to give longevity and reliability to the building due to increased number of students and staff using the lift. This is part of a two lift project, the second will follow during the next end of term break to minimise disruption.

Replacing the old controller with a Schneider lift panel, conveniently mounted on the top of the Algi tank and valve unit will bring savings in both space in the motor room and running efficiency brought through the VVVF valve control. We expect sizeable operational cost savings due to the lower running costs and redundancy in the need for heating and cooling in the motor room. We also added a new Wittur door operator solution combined with full height electronic safety edges to finish the package off.

To top it all off, we scored a maximum score of ‘5’s all round in the customer satisfaction survey, you cant put a price on that!