Touch Guard

Touch Guard is a new anti-microbial surface coating technology which we have identified as the best available protection for lift users in the fight against Covid-19. Touch Guard provides anti-microbial protection which can stop the multiplication of bacteria, fungus or viruses on any surfaces it is applied to. The silver ion technology used in Touch Guard was produced by BioCote UK who have been producing it for the last 25 years to provide anti-microbial protection.

Once applied to a surface the Touch Guard coating creates a barrier on the treated surface to prevent bacteria or virus transfer between people who touch the lift buttons, handrails, doors or any other surface which has been coated. The silver ions on the surface of a treated material bind with microbes that come into contact with the surface, disrupts their normal cell function which stops them from reproducing, thus resulting in the death of the cell. On a surface treated with Touch Guard coating the level of bacteria reduces at significant rates within minutes, compared to an unprotected surface where bacteria can proliferate at dramatic rates.

Does this technology work against Coronavirus?

The coatings have been tested by an independent viral testing laboratory, Campden BRI, who specialise in testing surfaces and textiles. They use a safe surrogate ‘enveloped’ virus, known as Phi6, which exactly mirrors the genetic makeup of the Human Coronavirus or COVID-19 and is globally recognised as the safest way to test the resistance of any surface to COVID-19.

After testing the silver ion technology (used in Touch Guard) to the BS ISO 21702:2019 standard, results show that in the first test period after 2 hours, the virus count was reduced by as much as 87%, compared to the untreated surface. The final test after 4 hours shows that the virus count was reduced by 100%, compared to the untreated surface. This dramatic reduction proves that surfaces treated with Touch Guard will reduce the likelihood of viral transfer with every passing minute.

How Long Does Touch Guard Last?

As Touch Guard is a variant of existing coatings that have been applied both internally and externally worldwide, there are conclusive real-life durability examples, notably McLaren’s Formula One HQ in Woking UK. Touch coatings were first applied to their internal fixtures and fittings in 2008, and works continued through to 2010 completing works externally. Some 12 years on and the coatings are still looking amazing and providing high levels of protection, having multiple times outlived the original guarantee period. A copy of the 2020 testimonial from McLaren can be supplied upon request. High traffic/high touch areas such as buttons, hand rails, etc, may need re-coating periodically.

What is the Guarantee Period for Touch Guard?

If Touch Guard is applied by a trained and authorised technician, then we provide a full 2-year application guarantee which will be valid from the date of completion.

We have engineers who have been officially trained and certified to apply the product to lifts. Our engineers were very impressed by the product in how quickly it can be applied, the level of protection it provides and the years it can last with zero to minimal upkeep costs. Lifts in general can become full of germs, so it’s great that there is now such a product available that can offer such levels of protection for lift users.

Cost Comparison

Following the cost to apply Touch Guard in the first instance, there are zero to minimal on-going costs, most likely for at least the next 5 years. However, with both fogging and Nano coating treatments, there is a significant continual expense for each and every month of the same 5-year period, far outweighing the initial Touch Guard coating cost.

With regular fogging treatment, over that same five years, the cost is approximately 5 times the initial cost of Touch Guard. With regular Nano coating treatment, over that same five years, the cost is approximately 3 times the cost of Touch Guard.