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Here at UK Lift and Escalator Company we strongly believe in offering our clients the ‘complete’ Lift Modernisation solution, rather than a quick fix to save costs.

When carrying out lift modernisation projects, we only install high quality open protocol control systems, parts and components and the Schneider lift control system that we offer as standard replaces the lift controller as well all associated equipment including shaft signalisation, trailing cables, car pushes, landing pushes and car top controls.

As the Schneider system works on a 24v BUS system with an absolute encoder it reduces the number of moving parts within the shaft which in turn reduces the number of breakdowns and in turn greatly improves reliability.

Further benefits of the BUS system and encoder mean that we can install the equipment quicker than conventional signalisation meaning we save time on site on installation. This is vitally important when the lift on site is of primary importance.

We can guarantee reliability for a minimum of 15 years providing the equipment is used and maintained in the correct manner.

Some companies will only replace the control panel and use existing wiring and pushes, but this can result in having to do the job twice (over 15 years). Whilst this would save the customer money in the short term, in our experience the lift is less reliable and costs more money in the longer term. As we offer a complete lift modernisation solution, we replace all items that are required, including all wiring, pushes etc.

We can modernise all types of lifts including Otis, KONE, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, as well as all other manufacturers and all types of lift.

The Schneider package we offer as standard, gives our customers many features and benefits including;

  • The Complete Lift Modernisation Solution
  • Quick Delivery (2 weeks)
  • Quick Installation (1 week)
  • 2 years Warranty
  • Remote Monitoring from your PC
  • High Quality German Modernisation Packages
  • Open Protocol
  • Proven Long Term Reliability

If you are considering modernising your old lift equipment, why not give us a call? We can discuss your options and advise you of the best way forward. We don’t just offer lift modernisations, we can also help with lift maintenance, lift repairs and new lift installations too, all across the UK.

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