UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd – Educating on Lift Repairs

Here at UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd, we like to ensure that our customers are getting the best value for money possible, whether it be for lift maintenance, lift repairs, a lift modernisation / refurbishment or even a new lift installation. In addition to this, we like to educate our customers on how they can save money, even if they are in contract with a different provider.

Not many people are aware that you are not obliged to use your current maintenance contractor for any required lift repairs – Most people like the convenience of having a ‘one stop shop’ for all of their lift needs, and would only shop around for prices if major works were required, but that’s not necessarily the most cost effective way!

Regardless of who manufactured your lift (Kone, Otis, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp etc) or who you are tied in to a maintenance agreement with, we can help save you money on all lift repairs. As we use open protocol parts (where possible – see our recent blog here), we can reduce the costs of your lift repairs and get your lift back in to service as soon as possible. The open protocol parts that we use are usually sourced from our UK network of distributors who provide us with excellent OEM quality parts and fast delivery – This in turn allows us to provide a cost effective and rapid service to get your lift back up and running.

Generally speaking, when you receive a quote from your incumbent supplier for a lift repair, most people will just accept the costs and ask for the works to be carried out as soon as possible. We recommend that people shop about for the best price for the lift repairs, and contact a number of different companies to see who can provide the most time and cost effective approach to returning your lift in to service.

At UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd, we are happy to quote on a like-for-like basis for any lift repairs that you require, from a simple lock fault or door roller to a replacement motor – We can either quote based on the information you have received from your current supplier or a LOLER report, and we are more than happy to carry out free site surveys for larger works (if required). This approach can not only save you time and money, but by using open protocol parts, it can open up your lift equipment, allowing you to work with any service provider in future.

Next time you require a lift repair, why not contact us for a comparative quote? We’d be delighted to hear from you and hopefully save you time and money. We’re not just experts on lift repairs though, we can also help with lift maintenance, lift modernisations /refurbishments and new lift installations. Give us a call today on 0845 63 43 172 and see how we can help!


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