UKLE – Fitting Open Protocol Parts in Newcastle

Fitting Open Protocol Parts in Newcastle

UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd were called recently by one of our clients, asking us to attend site and survey two lifts before we started maintaining them.

Upon attending site, we investigated the lifts and discovered that they were ‘closed protocol’ lifts, and the autodialler units which were installed could not be re-programmed. As we were looking to take these units on service, we advised that these units be removed and replaced with open protocol units to allow trapped passengers to communicate in an emergency.

We provided the client with a competitive quote for these works, and as these works were not budgeted for, this posed a problem for the client. We discussed this with the client, and agreed to spread the cost of the autodiallers across the term of the three year contract. Following instructions to complete the works, we re-visited site to install the open protocol parts to the lifts. The open protocol autodialler units that we installed are of an extremely high quality, and can be programmed to dial any number should a passenger become trapped within the lift. In addition to this, these units can also be reprogrammed in the future, allowing the client to work with any service provider moving forward.

These works were completed in a fast and efficient manner with minimal disruption to the client, much to their delight.

At UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd, we operate an ‘Open Protocol Parts’ policy, which not only saves the client money, but increases lead times significantly and allows them to work with any service provider in future. All of the open protocol parts we source are of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality, and the majority are sourced from our UK network of distributors, allowing us to hugely reduce lead times too.

If your lift company isn’t performing, why not contact us on 0845 63 43 172 and see how we can help? Whether you need traditional lift maintenance, a lift repair, a lift modernisation / refurbishment or even a new lift installation, we can definitely help.


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