Well that was awkward!

How are you in awkward situations? Do you find them uncomfortable and well, awkward? If so, you’ll probably be one of many who find lifts a little awkward, even when you’re on your own in one, never mind when a stranger pops in! Even a successful lift company like us, who lives, breathes and works within this industry can find lifts a little awkward at times.

So if there was a solution? What if there was something out there that can make lifts less awkward; would that make you feel better? Well guess what folks, there is and it’s something so simple, we’re kicking ourselves as to why we didn’t think of it! Hurrah! Anyway, it’s called a dispatch lift, created by The Financial Times Manhattan, which basically groups people who are travelling to the same floor. It can still be deemed as being awkward because you’re still getting in a lift with strangers, but at least you won’t have to worry about keeping the door open for someone or running to catch the lift. It’s a start anyway.

We’re not sure how it will work and if it will work, but we’re always open to trying out new things, and if you have a dispatch lift in your building then make sure regular lift maintenance is available, otherwise you really will make things awkward!

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