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Lifts don’t always have to carry people, a fact we know very well as a top lift company in Sunderland! As well as goods lifts, we also specialise in the installation of top quality BKG service lifts in any property that you need us to, in varying shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs and requirements.

BKG are a German manufacturer with over fifty years’ worth of experience in the industry, spent honing their craft and creating service lifts which are of the very highest quality. Our lift company is proud to stock them in two model types, depending on what you need them to do, but we can guarantee that these service lifts will definitely perform as intended!

Dumbwaiters are one of the kinds of service lifts that we stock here at our lift company in Sunderland, and they’re the ideal lifts for moving food, small items and other assorted items such as documents where a lot of space is required alongside pulling power to compensate for weight. On the other hand, trolley lifts are service lifts that are optimised for moving goods that occupy much more space than their weight might suggest. Things such as laundry, light waste or general retail goods make for a perfect match with these service lifts!

Of course, as well as making the right choice for what you need, we’ll also make sure that we tailor our lift services to suit your business as closely as possible. Don’t miss out on what our lift company in Sunderland could do for you, and make sure you let our team know what kind of service lifts you need!

If you’re looking to get a hold of our lift services, just give us a call! UK Lift & Escalator are a lift company in Sunderland who have a tremendous wealth of experience with service lifts and more, so we’re able to bring our lift services wherever and whenever you need them! Make sure you get in contact as soon as you can!

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